Monthly Spell Work & Reading Subscription

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Many of my long term clients ask for or want/require continual/ongoing spell work and readings etc.
Because spell work/magic does take time and varies in outcomes, and life paths can change, they too may change their needs or desires.

The fee is $300 per 1 month.

This includes:

    • $160 psychic medium tarot reading with Psychic Medium Luan Heslin. (
      You can email through 1-3 questions per reading.

    • $200 consultation with Luan Heslin via email, live typed chat or phone call (messenger) 15-20mins.

    • $300 A spell/spell work as discussed via consultation.

*No death type spell work sorry.

This service is easily worth $600-$900 dependent on spell work undertaken.

We will email an invoice you each month, you can either accept it or decline it. Whatever suits your needs.