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This is a Witchcraft Group on facebook.

You will only be accepted into the group once we see payment has been processed. Make sure that your facebook name reflects the paypal payment name or let us know via email
if this is not the case:

Learn all the basics of Spirituality right through to Witchcraft.

The group is intended to be small and of quality.
We are selective of who is permitted to join.

All joining fees need to be paid prior to acceptance.


You can click on the group name above and join or free or purchase a membership ie donation to help support.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Payment and acceptance of application does not mean continued membership or acceptance of - if you are declined but you paid, you will be offered a refund minus any fees. You MUST read all group description and rules. If you at all break the rules and continue to break them (dependent on the rule broken - some lead to immediate dismissal ie verbal abuse), you will be removed from the group. You do not get a refund in the event you break the rules and by making this purchase you agree to not receiving a refund.

Group rules and descriptions can be viewed here: