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BeWitchy Candle Spell Kits (Love)

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Custom Candle Spell Kit

We hand engrave the candles with a sigil (designed by us) and appropriate wording.
We then redip the candles by hand (gloves are worn throughout the entire process). Additionally the candles have scents added to them, that reflect the spell we are doing.
We add herbs to help the spells strength.

The love candle has NEW LOVE inscribed and a LOVE HEART sigil.

It arrives with instructions. Really VERY easy.
A matter of lighting the candle, visualising and reciting a few words.

These candles are already made and prepared, you simply follow the simple instructions of carrying out the spell itself.



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In the USA

Enjoy some beautifully labelled BeWitchy Wine. Only available in states where Wine is permitted to be sent interstate. Please check your area and the listing. Thank you :)

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