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Understanding what days are associated to what energy and elements can assist in adding power to your spellwork.


Sunday (The Sun)

Bright, life-giving, and magnanimous, the Sun is the largest heavenly body in sight. Therefore, Sunday is the day for your biggest, boldest spells. Active change, wealth, hope, popularity, health, charisma and vitality fall under the sway of Solar magick.
The first day of the week is also the day of bright beginnings. Call upon fresh, Solar light to scrub out the corners of a stale situation and bring renewed energy.
Do workings to make friends, gain favor, or raise your profile at work or in your personal life. Grow in confidence and leadership. Bring clarity and simplicity to difficult problems. Make affirmations. Begin projects.
Sunday is associated with the colors yellow and gold, which shouldn't be surprising—it's the day of the sun. Because of this planetary association, this is a day that's also connected to solar deities like Helios and Ra. Interestingly, in some Celtic traditions, Brighid's day is Sunday as well.
When it comes to crystal use, Sunday is related to quartz crystals and diamonds, as well as the yellowish hues of carnelian and amber. For herbs and plants in magical workings, use marigolds, sunflowers, or cinnamon.
What kind of magic is best performed on Sunday? Well, it's a day that generally has many associations—agriculture, beauty, hope, victory, self-expression, and creativity are all connected to this particular day. Plant or harvest something new (not just material crops, but metaphysical ones as well), create something from nothing and prepare to win at everything.
Ruled by the Sun the largest heavenly body in sight, it is the day for your biggest, boldest spells. This day is full of wonder and good time for magic such as health, success, wealth, healing and divination. Sundays are for personal achievements such as attaining wealth, fame, a job promotion or being acknowledged for your work. The first day of the is also the day of new beginnings, call upon the fresh solar energy to clear out all stale vibes and bring in renewed energy.
Day Named After: The Sun
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Gender: Masculine
Colors: Yellow and Gold, Amber and Orange
Deities: Helios, Ra, Apollo and Brigid
Crystals: Quartz, Diamonds, Carnelian and Amber, Tiger’s eye, Topaz
Metals: Gold
Plants and Herbs: Marigolds, Sunflowers and Cinnamon, St. John’s wort
Aroma: Lemon, Cedar, Frankincense
Magic: Perform spells and rituals involving Agriculture, beauty, self-expression, and creativity, success, promotion, fame, wealth, prosperity, health, careers goals. personal finances, spirit animals, promotion, healing and divination
Sunday corresponds to the sun, our closest star. This day is full of wonder and all sorts of magical potential for success, wealth, and fame. Sundays are for personal achievements of any kind such as working towards a promotion at your job, seeking fame and wealth, or being acknowledged for a job well done. All of these goals fall under the golden influence of the sun. Some suggestions for Sunday enchantments would include:
  • Sitting outside at sunrise and calling on the goddess Brigid for illumination and inspiration
  • Wearing gold jewelry or clothing that is gold or sunshine yellow to pull some color magic into your life
  • Arranging a few sunflowers in a vase and empowering these "flowers of the sun" for fame and ambition
  • Gathering up the common marigold flower and scattering it's petals about to encourage prosperity
  • Baking up a batch of cinnamon rolls for the family and enchanting them for health and success
  • Snacking on a solar fruit, the orange, and enjoying the magical boost it brings to your life.

Monday (The Moon)

Ruled by the inconstant moon, Monday is a powerful but unreliable day for spellwork. It is the day of introspection, illusion, and fantasy, the day when the astral plane is said to lie closest to the Earth plane. Monday is the perfect day to do scrying, trance work, or dream journeying. Spells of love and fertility may be performed on Monday, especially if the moon phase is a right. Because the Moon rules the tides, Monday is the best day for Water magick of all kinds. Create traveler's amulets. Anoint and cleanse magickal tools. Commune with Fae and spirits. Reflect and renew the spirit.
Every day of the week, Sunday through Saturday, is a magical day. Each of the seven days of the week has its own magical correspondences such as deity associations, colors, crystals, and herbs. Each individual day also carries its own bewitching specialties. The trick is finding a way to apply these correspondences in a practical and fresh way to your Witchcraft.
You may feel like you don't have much room in your schedule to add to your magical practice. Between your job, hauling the kids to soccer practice, walking the dog, and doing the laundry you've got maybe twenty minutes to spare for magic—no problem. Magic doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. The most powerful works of magic are those that are simple, practical, and come from the heart.
And whether you are an old hand at the Craft or a new practitioner, you'll always feel the desire to learn something new. Taking a fresh and realistic look at the daily correspondences gives you an opportunity to expand your skills.
Each day of the week has its own magical associations. These energies, associated deities, colors, scents, crystals, herbs, and Tarot cards all have the same sort of vibrations. This means they work well together, in harmony with one another. Correspondences are much simpler to work with than you think. Learning to combine these various related items together in spell-work strengthens your magic and unifies the punch of your charms. As you begin to focus on daily correspondences, you'll understand that by working with these accessories in a new way, you are allowing yourself more creative ways to personalize your Witchcraft.
So, let's dive right in and take a look at all of the days of the bewitching week. Don't panic now, I'm not going to bombard you with huge correspondence charts, or expect you to memorize massive amounts of information. What I am going to do is try to inspire you to look at daily correspondences in a whole new, practical, and fun way. I want you to use your imagination and look around you to see what sort of accessories you may already have on hand—or growing in your own backyard. It's actually very simple when you break down the daily correspondence information and look at it from a different perspective. Sometimes, we all need some no-muss, no-fuss magic.
To do this, we start at the beginning. By taking a look at Sunday, our first day of the week.
Sunday: Sunday corresponds to the sun, our closest star. This day is full of wonder and all sorts of magical potential for success, wealth, and fame. Sundays are for personal achievements of any kind such as working towards a promotion at your job, seeking fame and wealth, or being acknowledged for a job well done. All of these goals fall under the golden influence of the sun. Some suggestions for Sunday enchantments would include:
Sitting outside at sunrise and calling on the goddess Brigid for illumination and inspiration
Wearing gold jewelry or clothing that is gold or sunshine yellow to pull some color magic into your life
Arranging a few sunflowers in a vase and empowering these "flowers of the sun" for fame and ambition
Gathering up the common marigold flower and scattering it's petals about to encourage prosperity
Baking up a batch of cinnamon rolls for the family and enchanting them for health and success
Snacking on a solar fruit, the orange, and enjoying the magical boost it brings to your life
Monday: This day of the week is dedicated to the moon and all of her magic and mystery. Mondays are for women's mysteries, illusion, prophetic dreaming, emotions, travel, and fertility. Some suggestions for Monday enchantments would include:
Getting outside and looking for the moon in the heavens. Sit under her light and absorb a little glamor. Call on the moon goddess Selene for practical help in magical issues.
Invoking the god Thoth for wisdom and insight
Empowering your silver jewelry under the light of the moon. Wear moonstone or pearl jewelry today to add a lunar and magical shimmer to your outfit. Be mysterious and subtle and wear moon-associated colors such as white, silver, and blue.
Working spells for safe travel with a simple moonstone
Gathering bluebells, jasmine, gardenias, or white roses to create a little garden witchery with the flowers that are associated with the moon
Setting up a lunar Tarot spell today to increase your psychic powers
Eating a lunar fruit such as a melon to be healthy, serene, and at peace
Brewing up a cup of chamomile or mint tea and enchanting it for sweet dreams and restful sleep.

Tuesday (Mars)

On Tuesday, warlike Mars will see that you're justified in your nitty-gritty magicks. This is the day for breaking out the nastier spells when the nice one just didn't work. Sowing strife, if you're so inclined, will be most effective on a Tuesday. Also, charms of aggression, ambition, lust, and sexual potency. Activate protective talismans. Reverse hexes and psychic attack. Cultivate personal strength. Prevail in fights or games of skill.
Developing courage (waxing moon), banishing fear/stage fright (waning moon), binding enemies (waning), breaking negative spells (waning), protecting military personnel (waxing), achieving military honors (waxing), driving away military threat (waning).
One of the interesting—and more than a little amusing—aspects of Tuesday magic is that in addition to war and conflict against your enemies, this is a day also associated with marriage. You can also use this day of the week for magical workings connected to protection and initiation. Use Tuesday to assert yourself, make a mark and stake your claims.
Day Named After: Tyr, the Norse god of war.
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Gender: Masculine
Colors: Bright red, black and orange
Deities: Mars, Ares, Athena, Bast and the Morrighan
Crystals: Ruby, Garnet, Bloodstone
Metals: Iron, Steel,
Plants and Herbs: Holly and cacti, basil
Aroma: Basil, black pepper, ginger, dragon’s blood, patchouli
Magic: Perform spells and rituals involving Initiation, courage, success, strength, Protection, offensive and defensive Magic, partnerships, sex, sports, business, gardening and new beginnings, energy, physical strength, revenge, breaking negative spells.

Wednesday (Mercury)

Wednesday is named for Wotan (Odin), closest Norse equivalent to the fleet-footed Roman god. Adaptable Mercury rules learning, luck, travel, and trade, so Wednesday is good for workings on any of these matters.
Improve communication. Increase focus and alertness.
Prosper in business or games of chance.
Make or consecrate money-drawing charms. Wednesday is also a fine day for divination, especially using cards, runes, or lots. Mercury is a nimble trickster, so if you were going to do a spell to distract or mislead (not that you would!), Wednesday is the day for those shenanigans.
Additionally, Wednesday is named for Woden himself, although the Romans called it dies Mercurii. This is a day associated with the color purple, the planet Mercury, and the metal quicksilver—which is also called mercury. See a pattern here?
When it comes to deities... yes, Mercury! However, there are a few other gods associated with Wednesday, including Odin and Hermes, Athena, and Lugh. Gemstones like adventurine and agate come in handy as well, as do plants such as aspen trees, lilies, lavender, and even ferns.
Business and job-related issues, communication, loss and debt, traveling, and journeys are all tied into Wednesday. This is a good day to do a working to open up lines of communication—especially if your actions are preventing you from being an effective speaker or listener. Go someplace new or return to an old favorite stomping ground, step up your game, and settle up your accounts.
Day Named After: Woden, the supreme deity
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Gender: Masculine
Colors: Purple and orange, yellow and grey
Deities: Mercury, Odin, Athena, Hermes and Lugh
Crystals: Aventurine and Agate, Citrine,
Metals: Zinc
Plants and Herbs: Aspen trees, lilies, lavender, and ferns.
Aroma: Jasmine, Sweet pea, Lavender, Eucalyptus
Magic: Perform spells and rituals involving communication, traveling, business, money, luck, gambling, fortune, chance, and creativity, healing, communication, memory, divination
Wednesdays are wild and wacky days. They are for communication, change, cunning, and the arts. This is a Mercury day, and just its patron god this day is full of contradictions, change, and excitement. Some suggestions for Wednesday enchantments would include:
Pulling a little Wednesday color magic into your life by wearing purples or orange
Carrying a multi-purpose agate with you and tapping into its various charms
Working with magical plants such as the fern for protection. This plant will also boost the power of any other magical plants with which it is arranged.
Incorporating lavender into charms and spells for transformation
Using the charming scent of lily of the valley to improve your memory, or working with the aspen tree for communication
Calling on Athena, patron of arts and crafts, for inspiration for a new project
Fanning out a Tarot spell to increase you creativity
Calling on Hermes on a Wednesday night to bring movement and good luck into your life.

Thursday (Jupiter)

Beneficent Jupiter rules the night sky, and he is the go-to planet for petitions of power and luck. Thursday is a great day to craft spells for good fortune, health, and prosperity. (Mercury brings quick cash, but Jupiter governs the long term accumulation and preservation of wealth.) Thursday is considered an auspicious day to sign contracts and acquire property. Do spells related to justice and authority. Visualize future success. Create protective and restorative charms. Bless friends, family, and home.
Thursday is a day of royal blues and greens, associated with the planet Jupiter and metals like tin. When it comes to deities, look at leader type gods like Thor, Zeus, and Jupiter. Gemstone correspondences for Thursday include turquoise, amethyst and lapis lazuli, and plant associations can be found in honeysuckle, cinquefoil, and even oak trees.
This is a day for honor, fealty and family loyalty, as well as harvesting, success, and prosperity. Take advantage of Thursday's different aspects and do spellwork that brings abundance to you, declares your allegiance, and embraces prosperity.
Repeating myself here... Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is the go-to planet for power and luck. The planet Mercury is good for quick cash, however Jupiter is good for the long-term accumulation of wealth. Thursday is considered an auspicious day to sign contracts and acquire property. On this day do magic to bless and protect your home, clear out the negative energies and bring in the positive.
Day Named After: Thor, the god of thunder.
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Earth
Gender: Masculine
Colors: Royal blues, purple and greens
Deities: Thor, Zeus, Juno and Jupiter
Crystals: Turquoise, Amethyst and Lapis lazuli
Metals: Tin
Plants and Herbs: Honeysuckle, cinquefoil, and oak trees.
Aroma: Clove, Nutmeg, Sage, Cinnamon
Magic: Perform spells and rituals involving Harvesting, success, abundance prosperity, wealth, healing, gambling, social matters, forecasting, luck, growth, physical well-being, good health, happiness, siblings, neighbors, writing, intellectual pursuits and self-improvement.
Thursday is a Jupiter day. Here is the day of the week for prosperity, abundance, and good health. Thursday is "Thor's day." This Norse god gave the day his name and many of his attributes, including strength and abundance. Some suggestions for Thursday enchantments would include:
Wearing a regal and royal shade of blue to see how it affects your mood and your magic. Other colors for the day include purple and green.
Carrying a turquoise tumbled stone in your pocket to draw a little protective and healing energy your way
Incorporating honeysuckle blossoms and cinquefoil foliage into prosperity charms
Calling on Thor for abundance, or on the Roman god Jupiter for the ability to peacefully referee a fight
Adding a few oak leaves—which are sacred to these Thursday gods—to your charms to see how much better your spell works out
Casting a charm with wheat stalks for prosperity, and calling on Juno Moneta to bring wealth into your life
Baking up some whole wheat bread and blessing it for abundance. Be sure to thank the gods for your family and your good health.

Friday (Venus)

Friday is ruled by Venus, and that can only mean one thing: Love magick! Friday is the traditional day to do love-drawing magic, or cast a spell to bring your lover closer. Besides sexual attraction, spells of friendship, sympathy, reconciliation and self-love fall under Friday's love-magick heading. Because Venus is closely connected to the natural world, it's also a good day to harvest plants and herbs for magical uses. Also on Friday: Do mirror magick. Make baths, potions, and philtres. Weave glamours and enchantments. Craft workings for pleasure, enjoyment, and intoxication.
Friday falls at the end of the work week for many of us, and that means we get a chance to relax for a little bit! Mark your Fridays with colors like pink and aqua, and metals such as copper. This is a day ruled by the planet Venus, so it should be no surprise that Venus and Aphrodite—goddesses of love and beauty—are associated with Fridays. This is a day named for the Norse goddess Freyja*, so be sure to take a moment to honor her as well.
Gemstones associated with Friday include coral, emerald and rose quartz, and plants like strawberries, apple blossoms and feverfew are also related. This is a good day to do spellwork associated with family life and fertility, sexuality, harmony, friendship, growth. Take advantage of Friday's correspondences and plant a seed, make something grow, and enjoy your blessings.
*Note: There are a lot of disputes as to the origins of the word Friday because there is still a great deal of discussion as to whether it was named for Freyja or Frigga, and whether they were the same deity or two separate ones. Some scholars believe that while they may have eventually become two distinctly different goddesses, they could have had their origins in a single, common Proto-Germanic deity.

Day Named After: Freyja or Frigga
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Gender: Feminine
Colors: Pink and Aqua, light blue, green
Deities: Venus, Freyja and Aphrodite
Crystals: Coral, Emerald and Rose quartz, Jade, Malachite, Lapis lazuli
Metals: copper
Plants and Herbs: Strawberries, apple blossoms and feverfew, thyme
Aroma: Rose, Vanilla, Yarrow, Cardamom, Sandalwood, saffron
Magic: Perform spells and rituals involving Romance, love, friendship, pregnancy, fertility and passion, Family life, sexuality, harmony, friendship and growth. soul-mates, artistic ability, marriage, herbal magic, healing, peace, luxury, income, reconciliation, relationship disputes, desirability, sexual matters, partnerships, pleasures, arts and crafts

Again, Friday belongs to Venus, both the planet and its namesake Roman goddess of love. This day is sacred to many other gods and goddesses of love such as Eros, Venus, Aphrodite, and the Norse goddess that gave the day it's name, Freya. This day of the week is for magical topics such as love, birth, fertility, and romance. Colors for today include pink and aqua. Some suggestions for Friday enchantments would include:
  • Carrying a rose quartz with you today to send out some gentle and loving vibes to those crabby co-workers
  • Working a loving Tarot spell to charm a friend’s pregnancy with good health and safety
  • Working a little flower magic to enchant a single pink rose for friendship and inner beauty, and setting it on your desk. Or try empowering a red rose for passion and placing it in your bedroom.
  • Burning rose-scented candles to encourage the same effect. Call on Eros to "bring a passion for life" to your days.
  • Sharing a romantic snack with your partner. Feed each other ripe, red strawberries. Those strawberries are love-inducing food, and are sacred to many love goddesses, including today's patroness, Freya.


Saturday (Saturn)

The final day of the week is ruled by Saturn, lord of endings. Saturn has a reputation as an inauspicious day for magick--but of course, it depends on the type of magick. There is no better day for spells of binding and banishing. Saturday is also a good day for Underworld magick, communing with ancestors and contacting spirits. (The Key of Solomon specifies that Saturday is the day of spirits who died a natural death--those who died heroically should be honored on Tuesday.) The energy of Saturn helps to cultivate patience and wisdom. Recover from grief. Overcome addictions. Cast protective wards. Sever unhealthy bonds. Visit elders or reflect on the past.

Saturday: This day of the week got it's name from the god of karma and time, Saturn. This day is obviously associated with the planet Saturn and is our last day of the week. Traditionally Saturdays are great days for protection, banishing a negative situation, and generally a good time to clean up any magical messes that you have been ignoring. Some suggestions for Saturday enchantments would include:

Wearing the colors of the day, black and deep purple. Here's your perfect excuse to be dramatic and witchy. Empower these dramatic pieces of your wardrobe for protection and strength.
Burning black candles to absorb negativity and burning purple ones to increase your magical wisdom and boost your spirituality
Adding a touch of garden witchery to your Saturday spells by working with the pansy (in black or purple of course), the morning glory flowering vine, or the cypress tree.
Carrying an obsidian, hematite, or jet tumbled stone in your pocket to reinforce your personal protection and to ward off bad vibes and sour feelings. You can also add these crystals to a candle spell on a Saturday night to really increase the punch of your spellcasting.
Cleaning your house and cleansing it while you are at it. Tap into those obstacle-removing vibes and the positive, concluding energies.
Closing up the final day of the bewitching week with a bang by calling on Hecate for protection and guidance.

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