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Cleansing Bath Ritual

Cleansing Bath Ritual

Jul 14, 2020


Luan Heslin

INGREDIENTS: Himalayan or Epsom salt; essential oils of your choosing (optional). Lavender is always a good one, peppermint, sage even... 

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  • Shower before this bath and tidy up your bathroom so you feel good in there - declutter and get it literally CLEAN. NO dirt, grime or mold should be in this room.
    Cleaning yourself prior to the cleansing bath is necessary because this is a spiritually cleansing bath.
  • Fill your bath with warm water - add up to a cup of salt in as the bath fills. 
    Salt works to bring balance to your body and continues to cleanse you even after your bath, as long as you do not shower after it. You can also add any essential oils at this point if you want to.
  • Surround your bath with any sigils, talismans, crystals and candles - anything that puts you in that spiritual vibe mode.
  • Once the bath is ready and to your liking, get into the water.
    As you soak in the cleansing salt water and enjoy the aroma-therapeutic benefits of the oils, reflect on the past year as a whole for you, focusing on the lessons and growth and positive things you've taken from your experiences. There has to be at least 1 good thing from it, even if it was just the experience and growth etc. Try to be grateful and reflect on the good and the bad.
  • Continue this meditation and reflection as you soak for about 20-30 minutes. 
  • Prepare to get out of the bath but as you do, imagine every lesson, growth experience, and positive memory coming out with you, making you the strongest most learnt version of YOU.
  • In the water, what you want to leave behind is any baggage, hate, fears, bad memories and negative feelings, loves lost etc... from this past 12 months...
  • Do not be tempted to grab a towel as you get out of the bath... we want you to drip dry and to be naked as with one with the earth and the cleansing... sit or stand and pull the plug from the bath, as you do this, visualise all that negativity that you left in there going down the drain... as it is draining, it is leave your life and only the best from that year now stays with you - ready for you to enter the new year, you do so on a positive!

 Yay! Now that all the crap has gone down the drain where it belongs, you are free to move forward on a positive note! Good luck you to, so it is!

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